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authorUlf Hermann <ulf.hermann@qt.io>2016-08-02 17:00:47 +0200
committerDavid Faure <david.faure@kdab.com>2016-08-03 21:17:48 +0000
commit97b2fc9d643538b55e9738322ea4239a3c9f7851 (patch)
parent580f86b8a0e43656805180bc36defb7cf1f76826 (diff)
Relax negativeYear EcmaScript test
EcmaScript doesn't in fact require the date to be represented in english. Thus, only test for the year number to be contained in the date string. Change-Id: I5b89c14a833b317f259f4cd2855b3f24310a7d72 Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <simon.hausmann@qt.io>
1 files changed, 5 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/tests/auto/qml/qqmlecmascript/tst_qqmlecmascript.cpp b/tests/auto/qml/qqmlecmascript/tst_qqmlecmascript.cpp
index aaa72d48cd..b3b31e1a73 100644
--- a/tests/auto/qml/qqmlecmascript/tst_qqmlecmascript.cpp
+++ b/tests/auto/qml/qqmlecmascript/tst_qqmlecmascript.cpp
@@ -7427,8 +7427,11 @@ void tst_qqmlecmascript::negativeYear()
QVariant q;
QMetaObject::invokeMethod(object, "check_negative_tostring", Q_RETURN_ARG(QVariant, q));
- // Strip the timezone. It should be irrelevant as the date was created with the same one.
- QCOMPARE(q.toString().left(32), QStringLiteral("result: Sat Jan 1 00:00:00 -2001"));
+ // Only check for the year. We hope that every language writes the year in arabic numerals and
+ // in relation to a specific dude's date of birth. We also hope that no language adds a "-2001"
+ // junk string somewhere in the middle.
+ QVERIFY(q.toString().indexOf(QStringLiteral("-2001")) != -1);
QMetaObject::invokeMethod(object, "check_negative_toisostring", Q_RETURN_ARG(QVariant, q));
QCOMPARE(q.toString().left(16), QStringLiteral("result: -002000-"));