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Remove the two default role names listed in cppmodels documentation.
The list is incomplete, and they are now fully documented under QAbstractItemModel::roleNames(). This saves us maintaining two lists that can easily get out of sync. Change-Id: I4895a8ba19a4f48c26b4077e8bf2eba8c4c8407c Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <stephen.kelly@kdab.com>
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@@ -110,20 +110,7 @@ by the other approaches. A QAbstractItemModel can also automatically
notify a QML view when the model data changes.
The roles of a QAbstractItemModel subclass can be exposed to QML by
-reimplementing QAbstractItemModel::roleNames(). The default role names
-set by Qt are:
-\li Qt Role
-\li QML Role Name
-\li Qt::DisplayRole
-\li display
-\li Qt::DecorationRole
-\li decoration
+reimplementing QAbstractItemModel::roleNames().
Here is an application with a QAbstractListModel subclass named \c AnimalModel,
which exposes the \e type and \e sizes roles. It reimplements