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Add changes file for Qt 5.10.1
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+Qt 5.10.1 is a bug-fix release. It maintains both forward and backward
+compatibility (source and binary) with Qt 5.10.0.
+For more details, refer to the online documentation included in this
+distribution. The documentation is also available online:
+The Qt version 5.10 series is binary compatible with the 5.9.x series.
+Applications compiled for 5.9 will continue to run with 5.10.
+Some of the changes listed in this file include issue tracking numbers
+corresponding to tasks in the Qt Bug Tracker:
+Each of these identifiers can be entered in the bug tracker to obtain more
+information about a particular change.
+This release contains all fixes included in the Qt 5.9.4 release.
+* Important Behavior Changes *
+* A type that can be used for object declaration in QML must start with an
+ uppercase letter (this has always been the convention). Registration of
+ type names beginning with lowercase characters is now explicitly disallowed.
+* Qt 5.10.1 Changes *
+ - [QTBUG-65924] Fixed namespaced builds with -no-qml-debug
+ - [QTBUG-65624] Fixed a crash with simple qsTr() bindings on var properties
+ - [QTBUG-36773] A qmldir file can be provided via a custom schema
+ - [QTBUG-64798] Property alias syntax error no longer causes a crash
+ - [QTBUG-44153] Fixed a crash when a property alias points to a deleted object
+ - [QTBUG-47321][QTBUG-51995][QTBUG-60344] We now avoid temporarily invalid
+ bindings (such as "Cannot read property of null") while unloading a Loader
+ - [QTBUG-66067] Fixed a bug with negative-valued enum values in singletons
+ - QML profiler:
+ * [QTBUG-64674] Re-enabled QML memory profiling
+ * [QTBUG-65190] QML profiler tracks signals globally to prevent duplication
+ - Platform Specific Changes:
+ * Fixed compilation on QNX 7.0
+ * Enabled x86-64 JIT for QNX
+ * Enabled ARM64 JIT for QNX
+ - [QTBUG-50992] Fixed bugs related to deferred property bindings to avoid
+ item view delegate objects being destroyed during incubation or failing
+ to be created. This fixes a lot of related bugs in QtQuick Controls 2.
+ - [QTBUG-64548][QTBUG-62990][QTBUG-64367] Shortcut works in QQuickWidget
+ and QQuickRenderControl scenes
+ - [QTBUG-65789] An Image with an SVG source uses the SVG renderer to do
+ animorphic scaling sharply
+ - [QTBUG-64616] Fixed a bug with TextInput validators allowing invalid characters
+ - [QTBUG-52944] When a Loader loads a Window, its transient parent will now
+ be set to the Loader's window (i.e. the window manager should place it on top).
+ - Improved support for compressed textures
+ - Software rendering:
+ * [QTBUG-62867] Fixed bad clipping caused by incorrect background coordinates
+ - Item Views:
+ * [QTBUG-49218] Fixed an off-by-one layout error in GridView
+ * [QTBUG-64311] Fixed the removal transition animation when the last item
+ of a GridView or ListView is removed
+ - Shapes:
+ * [QTBUG-64951] Some rendering performance improvements; added
+ qt.shape.time.sync logging category
+ * [QTBUG-65173] Shapes work correctly in static builds
+ * [QTBUG-63105] Invisible Shapes can be used with OpacityMask and other
+ Qt Graphical Effects
+ - Pointer Handlers:
+ * [QTBUG-64692] Pointer Handlers receive events in the reverse of
+ declaration order, just as Items receive events in top-down Z order
+ * [QTBUG-65003] TapHandler consistently emits the canceled signal when
+ its passive or exclusive grab is taken over by another handler or item
+ * [QTBUG-64848] One pinch gesture cannot pinch two PinchHandlers at the
+ same time; to that end, we now test the target item's bounds correctly
+ when delivering native gesture events from trackpads
+ * A Pointer Handler with only a passive grab cannot prevent delivery to
+ other handlers by accepting all the points in the pointer event.
+ This enables Handlers to cooperatively modify behavior of existing controls.
+ * TapHandler.gesturePolicy is now DragThreshold by default (rather than
+ ReleaseWithinBounds), because this makes it easier for a TapHandler to
+ add additional onTapped behavior to existing controls. The reason is
+ that the DragThreshold policy only requires a passive grab, not an exclusive
+ grab, so it doesn't interfere with the pre-existing event delivery.
+ * Fixed a bug with target item translation in DragHandler
+ * Added plugins.qmltyles so that syntax highlighting and completion work
+ in Qt Creator
+ * Various improvements in the tests/manual/pointer manual tests
+ - Platform Specific Changes:
+ * [QTBUG-61882][QTBUG-65519] Fixed rendering of emoji on macOS
+ * [QTBUG-65663] Fixed re-rendering of window when dragged to a screen
+ with a different devicePixelRatio on macOS