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ParentChange: handle bindable properties
QQuickParentChange::actions was unable to handle new style properties. Fix this by using a QQmlAnyBinding create function instead of QQmlBinding. This required adding the necessary support for creation from a QQmlScriptString to QQmlProperyBinding and QQmlAnyBinding. Extra care had to be taken in reverseRewindHelper, which assumed that setting x/y/width/height would keep binding intact. We therefore use setValueBypassingBindings instead of the plain setter. Fixes: QTBUG-97480 Change-Id: I0cc6d61c655d9d37846adf4b09fe103f507bb329 Reviewed-by: Ulf Hermann <ulf.hermann@qt.io> (cherry picked from commit 785addcd17c7988be90a2ca17599c12b07e4e170) Reviewed-by: Qt Cherry-pick Bot <cherrypick_bot@qt-project.org>
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