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QQuickItem::forceActiveFocus(): actually force active focus
It was trying to get by with setFocus() but that doesn't always work, in cases when the item's d->focus flag is true (leftover state) but it doesn't actually have focus anymore after a reparenting scenario. Item.focus represents the intention to be focused when possible, and does not necessarily change due to environmental circumstances, such as having its parent reparented. QQuickItem::setFocus(true) returns early if the new requested focus state is the same as the stored d->focus; so it was not enough for foceActiveFocus() to call only setFocus(). In the bug, TextInput and Loader both get stuck in the state d->focus == true, so forceActiveFocus() did not do anything before. Fixes: QTBUG-89736 Change-Id: Ib7f4caccf81b60a02e2655332b64efba4d1fd7cf Reviewed-by: Richard Moe Gustavsen <richard.gustavsen@qt.io> (cherry picked from commit a8be17a1472c6f504c0c40f68fdc13df035ac4b4) Reviewed-by: Qt Cherry-pick Bot <cherrypick_bot@qt-project.org>
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