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Mention the behavioral change introduced by the fix for QTBUG-29836. Task-number: QTBUG-29836 Change-Id: I15ffd32fd5c0d537528f7b1386691103dab371c7 Reviewed-by: Sergio Ahumada <sergio.ahumada@digia.com>
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- tryCompare now correctly fails when it only gets two parameters
+ - If a QObject has a property and a slot (or invokable method) with the same
+ name, in QML the previous behavior was to let the property obscure the
+ method; from Qt 5.1 things work in the opposite way, that is a property can
+ never obscure a method having the same name. This is especially important
+ for objects having dynamic properties, such as QQmlPropertyMap. This change
+ was a consequence of the fix for QTBUG-29836.
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