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Add details about URL redirection/interception to changes-5.9.4
Task-number: QTBUG-65834 Change-Id: I77d77b0ab628b8a90ad48f06fab0cf8025d06109 Reviewed-by: Arnaud Vrac <> Reviewed-by: Michael Brasser <>
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@@ -29,7 +29,13 @@ QtQml
- [QTBUG-56521][QTBUG-56532] Added private qmlUnregisterType(int) for
advanced use cases such as re-registering an enum, or cleaning up
when a plugin is unloaded
- - [QTBUG-61209] Fixed handling of QML cache files during URL interception
+ - [QTBUG-61209] Fixed handling of QML cache files during URL interception.
+ This changes the semantics of URL redirects. Previously a redirected URL
+ was used as the base URL for further URL resolution. This doesn't work
+ because redirection occurs after interception and interception should
+ not influence the resolution of further URLs. We now use the original
+ URL as base URL for resolution of further URLs and rely on the server to
+ redirect those, too.
- [QTBUG-63844] Fixed a crash in QMetaObject::activate() when using
a Loader to load items with animations