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New scenegraph renderer and atlas textures.
The renderer tries to batch primitives together where possible, isolate non-changing subparts of the scene from changing subparts and retain vertexdata on the GPU as much as possible. Atlas textures are crucial in enabling batching. The renderer and atlas texture are described in detail in the doc page "Qt Quick Scene Graph Renderer". Change-Id: Ia476c7f0f42e1fc57a2cef528e93ee88cf8f7055 Reviewed-by: Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt <>
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@@ -29,6 +29,19 @@ Third party components
* Important Behavior Changes *
+ - QSGMaterialShader::compile() will not be called on all instances anymore.
+ To enforce the old behavior, set the QSGMaterial::CustomCompilation flag.
+ - QSGMaterialShader::activate() and QSGMaterialShader::deactivate() are
+ no longer responsible for calling glEnableVertexAttribPointer(),
+ glDisableVertexAttribPointer() and binding the shader program. This is
+ now done by the renderer. Reimplementations of these functions which
+ are not calling the baseclass will need to take this into account.
+ - The scene graph now requires a call to QSGNode::markDirty() with the
+ flag QSGNode::DirtySubtreeBlocked whenever the state of
+ QSGNode::isSubtreeBlocked() is changed.
* Library *
@@ -39,6 +52,13 @@ QtQml
+- New scene graph renderer should reduce state changes, number of draw calls,
+ CPU->GPU bandwidth and generally improve performance.
+- Textures in the scene graph can now be entered into an atlas, facilitating
+ in better batching in the renderer. Atlas textures are enabled by passing
+ QQuickWindow::TextureCanUseAtlas to QQuickWindow::createTextureFromImage()
* Database Drivers *