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Doc: Update references to QDeclarative* classes
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@@ -93,11 +93,11 @@ The class contains a member to store the celebrant object, and also a
QList<Person *> member.
In QML, the type of a list properties - and the guests property is a list of
-people - are all of type QDeclarativeListProperty<T>. QDeclarativeListProperty is simple value
+people - are all of type QQmlListProperty<T>. QQmlListProperty is simple value
type that contains a set of function pointers. QML calls these function
pointers whenever it needs to read from, write to or otherwise interact with
the list. In addition to concrete lists like the people list used in this
-example, the use of QDeclarativeListProperty allows for "virtual lists" and other advanced
+example, the use of QQmlListProperty allows for "virtual lists" and other advanced
\section2 Define the BirthdayParty