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Restore extension types documentation
The documentation on QML extension types was accidentally removed on the big restructuring of commit 28def0bdd084989c17a157e0c4ab80c259081caa. This restores it to a section on the "Defining QML Types from C++" page mostly unchanged, and makes the source of the example that was already there visible. The reference documentation of the qmlRegisterExtendedType is added as well, and the one for qmlRegisterExtendedUncreatableType and qmlRegisterCustomExtendedType that was added in fcb40ff6d71f4561401e6b2bd4d7fc706fff8eee is now fixed. It was not being generated because referred to "QQmlEgine" instead of "QQmlEngine". Change-Id: I1403b10076c64a4c0d760f72b06dd52c38b351a5 Reviewed-by: Paul Lemire <> Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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+\example referenceexamples/extended
+\title Extending QML - Extension Objects Example
+\brief Extension Objects
+\ingroup qmlextendingexamples
+This example builds on:
+\li \l {Extending QML - Adding Types Example}
+Shows how to use \l qmlRegisterExtendedType() to provide an \l {Registering
+Extension Objects}{extension object} to a \l QLineEdit without modifying or
+subclassing. The QML engine instantiates a \l QLineEdit and sets a property that
+only exists on the extension type. The extension type performs calls on the \l
+QLineEdit that otherwise will not be accessible to the QML engine.
\example referenceexamples/properties
\title Extending QML - Object and List Property Types Example
\brief Exporting C++ Properties