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a small QML file emphasizing a particular type or feature.
Red heart demonstrates using a bezierCurve API to stroke and fill a red heart.
- \snippet quick/canvas/bezierCurve/bezierCurve.qml 0
+ \snippet canvas/bezierCurve/bezierCurve.qml 0
Talk bubble demonstrates using a quadraticCurveTo API to stroke and fill a customized talk bubble:
- \snippet quick/canvas/quadraticCurveTo/quadraticCurveTo.qml 0
+ \snippet canvas/quadraticCurveTo/quadraticCurveTo.qml 0
This example also demonstrates the fillText API:
- \snippet quick/canvas/quadraticCurveTo/quadraticCurveTo.qml 1
+ \snippet canvas/quadraticCurveTo/quadraticCurveTo.qml 1
Squircle demonstrates using a collection of simple moveTo/lineTo path APIs to draw a smooth squircle.
@@ -50,9 +50,9 @@
Smile face demonstrates using several complex path APIs to draw an fill a smile face.
Clip demonstrates using clip API to clip a given image.
- \snippet quick/canvas/clip/clip.qml 0
+ \snippet canvas/clip/clip.qml 0
Tiger demonstrates using SVG path API to draw a tiger with a collection of SVG path strings.
- \snippet quick/canvas/tiger/tiger.qml 0
+ \snippet canvas/tiger/tiger.qml 0