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\include examples-run.qdocinc
- \section1 Red heart
+ \section1 Red Heart
\e{Red heart} uses the bezier curve API to stroke and fill a red heart.
\snippet canvas/bezierCurve/bezierCurve.qml 0
- \section1 Talk bubble
+ \section1 Talk Bubble
\e{Talk bubble} uses the quadraticCurveTo() API to stroke and fill a
customized talk bubble:
@@ -57,12 +57,12 @@
\e Squircle uses a collection of simple moveTo() and lineTo() path APIs to
draw a smooth squircle.
- \section1 Rounded rectangle
+ \section1 Rounded Rectangle
\e{Rounded rectangle} uses a collection of lineTo() and arcTo() path APIs to
draw a rounded rectangle.
- \section1 Smile face
+ \section1 Smile Face
\e{Smile face} uses several paths to draw and fill a smiling face.