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is the base class for all QPainter based items in the QML Scene Graph
- \snippet quick/customitems/painteditem/textballoon.h 0
+ \snippet customitems/painteditem/textballoon.h 0
To implement a QQuickPaintedItem you must implement QQuickPaintedIem's pure
virtual function \l {QQuickPaintedItem::}{paint()} which implements the
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We have to be sure to initialize the rightAligned property for a
TextBalloon item.
- \snippet quick/customitems/painteditem/textballoon.cpp 0
+ \snippet customitems/painteditem/textballoon.cpp 0
Then we implement the \c paint() function which is automatically called by
the Scene Graph framework to paint the contents of the item. The function
paints the item in local coordinates.
- \snippet quick/customitems/painteditem/textballoon.cpp 1
+ \snippet customitems/painteditem/textballoon.cpp 1
We start with setting the pen and brush on the item to define the look of
the item. After that we start drawing. Note that the \l {QQuickPaintedItem::}{boundingRect()}
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\section2 BalloonView
- \snippet quick/customitems/painteditem/textballoons.qml 0
+ \snippet customitems/painteditem/textballoons.qml 0
The balloonModel contains two types at application start which will be
displayed by the balloonView. The balloonView alernates the TextBalloon
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\section2 Controls
- \snippet quick/customitems/painteditem/textballoons.qml 1
+ \snippet customitems/painteditem/textballoons.qml 1
The controls part of the UI contains a rectangle with a MouseArea which
changes color when the mouse hovers over it. This control 'button' adds