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- \title Scene Graph - Painted Item
- \brief Shows how to implement QPainter-based custom scenegraph items.
- \example customitems/painteditem
- \ingroup qtquickexamples
- The Painted Item example shows how to use the QML Scene Graph framework to
- implement custom scenegraph items using QPainter.
- \image declarative-textballoons_example.png
- The QQuickPaintedItem class is a class derived from QQuickItem for implementing
- custom QML Scene Graph items using the QPainter interfaces.
- The example consists of an item class, a plugin class and a QML file
- to use this plugin. The \c TextBalloon class represents the individual
- text balloons extending QQuickPaintedItem, the \c TextBalloonPlugin class
- represents the skeleton code for a \l {Qt Quick} plugin and the
- \c textballoons.qml file is used to load the plugin and display the text
- balloons.
- We will focus on the \c TextBalloon class first and continue with the
- \c textballoons.qml file. For an example on how to implement a \l {Qt Quick}
- plugin please look at \l{Chapter 6: Writing an Extension Plugin}
- {Writing an Extension Plugin}
- \section1 TextBalloon Class Declaration
- The \c TextBalloon class inherits from QQuickPaintedItem. QQuickPaintedItem
- is the base class for all QPainter based items in the QML Scene Graph
- framework.
- \snippet customitems/painteditem/textballoon.h 0
- To implement a QQuickPaintedItem you must implement QQuickPaintedIem's pure
- virtual function \l {QQuickPaintedItem::}{paint()} which implements the
- painting of the type.
- \section1 TextBalloon Class Definition
- We have to be sure to initialize the rightAligned property for a
- TextBalloon item.
- \snippet customitems/painteditem/textballoon.cpp 0
- Then we implement the \c paint() function which is automatically called by
- the Scene Graph framework to paint the contents of the item. The function
- paints the item in local coordinates.
- \snippet customitems/painteditem/textballoon.cpp 1
- We start with setting the pen and brush on the item to define the look of
- the item. After that we start drawing. Note that the \l {QQuickPaintedItem::}{contentsBoundingRect()}
- item is called to draw depending on the size of the item. The rectangle
- returned by the \l {QQuickPaintedItem::}{contentsBoundingRect()} function is the size
- of the item as defined in the QML file.
- \section1 Textballoons.qml File
- The Interface consists of two main parts. The scrollable area with the
- textballoons and the controls button to add new balloons.
- \section2 BalloonView
- \snippet customitems/painteditem/textballoons.qml 0
- The balloonModel contains two types at application start which will be
- displayed by the balloonView. The balloonView alernates the TextBalloon
- delegate items between left-aligned and right-aligned.
- \section2 Controls
- \snippet customitems/painteditem/textballoons.qml 1
- The controls part of the UI contains a rectangle with a MouseArea which
- changes color when the mouse hovers over it. This control 'button' adds
- a new object to the end of the model with a random width.
- */