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The example consists of an item class, a plugin class and a QML file
to use this plugin. The \c TextBalloon class represents the individual
text balloons extending QQuickPaintedItem, the \c TextBalloonPlugin class
- represents the skeleton code for a QtQuick plugin and the
+ represents the skeleton code for a \l {Qt Quick} plugin and the
\c textballoons.qml file is used to load the plugin and display the text
We will focus on the \c TextBalloon class first and continue with the
- \c textballoons.qml file. For an example on how to implement a QtQuick
+ \c textballoons.qml file. For an example on how to implement a \l {Qt Quick}
plugin please look at \l{declarative/tutorials/extending/chapter6-plugins}
{Writing an Extension Plugin}