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Adjust QSGTexture comparisonKey type
The original choice was int, simply following textureId(). This was later deemed insufficient: instead of a GLuint, the value is now often a 64-bit value (on 64 bit systems), based on a pointer, since the identity of a texture in the RHI world is the QRhiTexture* itself. In a custom texture implementation it is likely that the value here is the value of a native object handle, either a pointer or some 32 or 64 bit integer. Inspired by the recent QSGTexture::NativeTexture struct change (void* -> quint64), switch to a qint64 which is big enough to hold all these without truncation. We choose a signed value here, in order to allow for the following pattern that is widespread in material compare() implementations: if (qint64 diff = m_texture->comparisonKey() - other->texture()->comparisonKey()) return diff; Fixes: QTBUG-83769 Change-Id: I8bdae8cd835282358ded53b3703142b8f26e4400 Reviewed-by: Christian Strømme <christian.stromme@qt.io>
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