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qquicktextinput: Fix validation for IM event
If validation did not pass after text pre-editing is finished, it need to be roll back to state before pre-editing started. Before this change, if validation did not pass, text was always rolled back to previous state. In pre-editing text case, it means back to the state in which part of the text was removed (and later changed to pre-edited text). It may cause a situation of removing part of the text that was already validated Fixes: QTBUG-90239 Change-Id: I3ec39e0f6b8a93d4e6fd190af30d4c80a0e495eb Reviewed-by: Rami Potinkara <rami.potinkara@qt.io> Reviewed-by: Assam Boudjelthia <assam.boudjelthia@qt.io> (cherry picked from commit b1ae151acc80254ab0ec2937c55b99223205875c) Reviewed-by: Qt Cherry-pick Bot <cherrypick_bot@qt-project.org>
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