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Fix example lists for Qt Quick
Snippets are fixed, the extending-examples are moved from QtDoc, groups are used to generate the lists and I've removed some unrelated stuff from the list of Qt Quick examples. Change-Id: I347b6fa8a29b1cede1164fa858488f34507e1a17 Reviewed-by: Gunnar Sletta <gunnar.sletta@digia.com>
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\title QML Examples - Text
\example quick/text
- \brief This is a collection of QML examples
+ \brief This is a collection of QML examples relating to text
\image qml-text-example.png
+ \ingroup qtquickexamples
This is a collection of small QML examples relating to text. Each example is
a small QML file, usually containing or emphasizing a particular element or
@@ -37,24 +38,24 @@
'Hello' shows how to change and animate the letter spacing of a Text element.
It uses a sequential animation to first animate the font.letterSpacing property
from 0 to 50 over 3 seconds and then move the text to a random position on screen:
- \snippet examples/quick/text/fonts/hello.qml letterspacing
+ \snippet quick/text/fonts/hello.qml letterspacing
'Fonts' shows different ways of using fonts with the Text element.
Simply by name, using the font.family property directly:
- \snippet examples/quick/text/fonts/fonts.qml name
+ \snippet quick/text/fonts/fonts.qml name
or using a FontLoader element:
- \snippet examples/quick/text/fonts/fonts.qml fontloader
+ \snippet quick/text/fonts/fonts.qml fontloader
or using a FontLoader and specifying a local font file:
- \snippet examples/quick/text/fonts/fonts.qml fontloaderlocal
+ \snippet quick/text/fonts/fonts.qml fontloaderlocal
or finally using a FontLoader and specifying a remote font file:
- \snippet examples/quick/text/fonts/fonts.qml fontloaderremote
+ \snippet quick/text/fonts/fonts.qml fontloaderremote
'Available Fonts' shows how to use the QML global Qt object and a list view
to display all the fonts available on the system.
The ListView element uses the list of fonts available as its model:
- \snippet examples/quick/text/fonts/availableFonts.qml model
+ \snippet quick/text/fonts/availableFonts.qml model
Inside the delegate, the font family is set with the modelData:
- \snippet examples/quick/text/fonts/availableFonts.qml delegate
+ \snippet quick/text/fonts/availableFonts.qml delegate
'Banner' is a simple example showing how to create a banner using a row of text
elements and a NumberAnimation.
@@ -65,5 +66,5 @@
'Text Layout' shows how to create a more complex layout for a text element.
This example lays out the text in two columns using the onLineLaidOut handler
that allows you to position and resize each line:
- \snippet examples/quick/text/styledtext-layout.qml layout
+ \snippet quick/text/styledtext-layout.qml layout