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Threaded ListModel contains a ListView and a ListModel. The ListModel is updated asynchronusly in another thread, and the results propagate back to the main thread.
A timer requests updates from the worker thread periodically:
- \snippet examples/threading/threadedlistmodel/timedisplay.qml 0
+ \snippet quick/threading/threadedlistmodel/timedisplay.qml 0
Inside the worker thread, the ListModel is synchronized once the data is finished loading:
- \snippet examples/threading/threadedlistmodel/dataloader.js 0
+ \snippet quick/threading/threadedlistmodel/dataloader.js 0
WorkerScript contains an example of using a WorkerScript to offload expensive calculations into another thread. This keeps the UI from being blocked. This example calculates numbers in Pascal's Triangle, and not in a very optimal way, so it will often take several seconds to complete the calculation. By doing this in a WorkerScript in another thread, the UI is not blocked during this time.
When the UI needs another value, a request is sent to the WorkerScript:
- \snippet examples/threading/workerscript/workerscript.qml 0
+ \snippet quick/threading/workerscript/workerscript.qml 0
The workerscript then is free to take a really long time to calculate it:
- \snippet examples/threading/workerscript/workerscript.js 0
+ \snippet quick/threading/workerscript/workerscript.js 0
When it's done, the result returns to the main scene via the WorkerScript element:
- \snippet examples/threading/workerscript/workerscript.qml 1
+ \snippet quick/threading/workerscript/workerscript.qml 1