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window and Screen example: new properties; splash screen
Demonstrates the new properties, how to make a splash screen, and how to make a standalone app with an icon. Combined the Screen info into this example too. Change-Id: I5b731539b39c55327f4e5b93860a880a35835896 Reviewed-by: Richard Moe Gustavsen <richard.gustavsen@digia.com>
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+ \title Qt Quick Examples - Window and Screen
+ \example window
+ \brief This example demonstrates the Window and Screen types in QML
+ \image qml-window-example.png
+ \ingroup qtquickexamples
+ This example shows you how to create a Window in QML, how to control its
+ \l {QQuickWindow::visibility} {visibility}, how to present a splash screen
+ during application startup, and how to access the properties of the
+ \l Screen. It also demonstrates how to package QML into
+ \l {The Qt Resource System} {resources} and provide an
+ \l {Setting the Application Icon} {icon} to create a standalone QML desktop application.
+ A splash screen can be created with the \l {Qt::SplashScreen} {Qt.SplashScreen} flag,
+ and should be \l {Qt::ApplicationModal} {ApplicationModal} to prevent interaction
+ with the main window. If the splash window is also transparent, and showing a
+ partially transparent image, then it will look like a shaped window.
+ \snippet window/Splash.qml splash-properties
+ In this example a \l Timer will automatically dismiss the splash screen,
+ but in a real application you might want to connect to a signal from the
+ application logic to hide the splash when initialization is complete.
+ \snippet window/Splash.qml timer
+ The main window in this example is the control window, with some buttons
+ and checkboxes to control and provide feedback on the state of a secondary
+ window. Each checkbox has a binding to the property whose state it is
+ displaying, and also an onClicked handler to change the state. This is the
+ typical pattern to create a two-way binding while avoiding binding loops.
+ \snippet window/window.qml windowedCheckbox
+ The \l Screen has several properties which are generally useful to applications
+ which need to rotate some content when the screen orientation changes, to position
+ windows on the screen or to convert real units to logical pixel units. ScreenInfo.qml
+ (which is displayed inline in window.qml, or can be run by itself with qmlscene)
+ simply displays the property values, while the splash screen uses them to
+ center the window on the screen.
+ \snippet window/Splash.qml screen-properties
+ If a Window is nested inside an \l Item or another Window, the inner window
+ becomes "transient for" the outer one (see \l Window for more explanation).
+ But if you want to create multiple top-level windows as unrelated peers, you
+ can create them inside a non-visual \l QtObject root item, as this example does.