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committerLars Knoll <>2018-09-27 08:33:59 +0000
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Get rid of remaining assumptions about setter being next to getters
The only place where we now assume that getters and setters are next to each other in the MemberData is in the internal class. Change-Id: I3285f3abb1cbfe051853e808339cd360eb602262 Reviewed-by: Erik Verbruggen <>
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diff --git a/src/qml/jsruntime/qv4object_p.h b/src/qml/jsruntime/qv4object_p.h
index a32f8a4dac..7ac9888a88 100644
--- a/src/qml/jsruntime/qv4object_p.h
+++ b/src/qml/jsruntime/qv4object_p.h
@@ -159,8 +159,8 @@ struct Q_QML_EXPORT Object: Managed {
Heap::ArrayData *arrayData() const { return d()->arrayData; }
void setArrayData(ArrayData *a) { d()->arrayData.set(engine(), a->d()); }
- void getProperty(uint index, Property *p, PropertyAttributes *attrs) const;
- void setProperty(uint index, const Property *p);
+ void getProperty(const InternalClassEntry &entry, Property *p) const;
+ void setProperty(const InternalClassEntry &entry, const Property *p);
void setProperty(uint index, Value v) const { d()->setProperty(engine(), index, v); }
void setProperty(uint index, Heap::Base *b) const { d()->setProperty(engine(), index, b); }
void setProperty(ExecutionEngine *engine, uint index, Value v) const { d()->setProperty(engine, index, v); }
@@ -384,7 +384,7 @@ protected:
static ReturnedValue virtualInstanceOf(const Object *typeObject, const Value &var);
- bool internalDefineOwnProperty(ExecutionEngine *engine, uint index, StringOrSymbol *member, const Property *p, PropertyAttributes attrs);
+ bool internalDefineOwnProperty(ExecutionEngine *engine, uint index, const InternalClassEntry *memberEntry, const Property *p, PropertyAttributes attrs);
ReturnedValue internalGet(PropertyKey id, const Value *receiver, bool *hasProperty) const;
bool internalPut(PropertyKey id, const Value &value, Value *receiver);
bool internalDeleteProperty(PropertyKey id);