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authorJan Arve Saether <>2017-07-27 10:42:04 +0200
committerShawn Rutledge <>2017-08-08 10:50:29 +0000
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Fix some bugs related to child mouse filteringwip/pointerhandler
- Only abort event delivery early if event that got filtered was accepted (previously we aborted as soon as the event got filtered, even if the event was filtered, but explicitly *not* accepted) - If the event that got filtered was *not* accepted, we do not abort event delivery, but we need to remove the item from the list of target items that we will deliver to later - If childMouseEventFilter returns true it should not automatically mean that the event was accepted. Change-Id: I2f2415379061131af1d5102e03d01f010e1a8168 Reviewed-by: Frederik Gladhorn <>
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diff --git a/src/quick/items/qquickwindow_p.h b/src/quick/items/qquickwindow_p.h
index c2d2a7a8a4..14564a7f55 100644
--- a/src/quick/items/qquickwindow_p.h
+++ b/src/quick/items/qquickwindow_p.h
@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ public:
static QMouseEvent *cloneMouseEvent(QMouseEvent *event, QPointF *transformedLocalPos = 0);
void deliverMouseEvent(QQuickPointerMouseEvent *pointerEvent);
bool sendFilteredMouseEvent(QQuickItem *, QQuickItem *, QEvent *, QSet<QQuickItem *> *);
- bool sendFilteredPointerEvent(QQuickPointerEvent *event, QQuickItem *receiver);
+ bool sendFilteredPointerEvent(QQuickPointerEvent *event, QQuickItem *receiver, QQuickItem **itemThatFiltered = 0);
#if QT_CONFIG(wheelevent)
bool deliverWheelEvent(QQuickItem *, QWheelEvent *);