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Doc: replace "KiSS" section with Coding Conventions
The section currently doesn't have any content, and as such, it doesn't provide much value. The coding conventions link in the related information sub-section is useful information to have, however, so we should keep that. Change-Id: Idc62b41d098528898cc8d65bfaf73879caa14b86 Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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\li \l{Qt Quick}
\section1 Keep it Short and Simple or "KiSS"
QML being a declarative language, a lot of the details are worked out by the underlying
engine. So it is important for any QML application, especially one with a
larger codebase, to have its code organized in smaller and simpler \c .qml files.
-need a few snippet or example applications that showcase this.
+TODO: need a few snippet or example applications that showcase this.
-\section2 Related Information
- \li \l{QML Coding Conventions}
+\section1 Coding Conventions
+See \l{QML Coding Conventions}.
\section1 Bundle Application Resources