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Doc: add section about type safety
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\li \l{Qt Quick Layouts Overview}
+\section1 Type Safety
+When declaring properties in QML, it's easy and convenient to use the "var" type:
+property var name
+property var size
+property var optionsMenu
+However, this approach has several disadvantages:
+ \li If a value with the wrong type is assigned, the error reported will point
+ to the location of the property declaration, as opposed to the location
+ where the property was assigned to. This slows down the development
+ process by making it more difficult to track down errors.
+ \li Static anaylsis to catch errors like the ones mentioned above is not
+ possible.
+ \li The actual underlying type of the property is not always immediately clear
+ to the reader.
+Instead, always use the actual type where possible:
+property string name
+property int size
+property MyMenu optionsMenu
\section1 Performance
For information on performance in QML and Qt Quick,