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Blacklist tests due to QPointerEvent changes
qtbase/2692237bb1b0c0f50b7cc5d920eb8ab065063d47 and the associated Qt Quick change to do direct delivery of QPointerEvents seem to have broken a number of tests as they are currently written. It looks bad; however I spent a lot of time already on some older "basic" tests like tst_qquickwindow, touchmouse, tst_qquickflickable etc. and found a lot of things to fix while doing that; so at least those aren't broken now. Troubleshooting each test takes time. Hopefully it will turn out that many of these failures are related (there seems to be something in common about handlers and items stealing touch grabs from each other). Task-number: QTBUG-86729 Change-Id: I14acf57fc83fa961a25f91108dcd4aea42b54435 Reviewed-by: Shawn Rutledge <shawn.rutledge@qt.io>
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