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Fix possible crash with top/bottom aligned images
An image inside at the end of a text block which did not start at text position 0 would resolve to an invalid QTextLine, since we passed the document position to lineForTextPosition(), which expects the relative block position. If the image was aligned to top or bottom, so that the extracted QTextLine was actually accessed, this would cause a crash. [ChangeLog][QtQuick][Text] Fixed a bug where aligning an image to "top" or "bottom" could cause a crash under certain circumstances. Task-number: QTBUG-77217 Change-Id: Iaa239ba482f2a765703656e4116cbebb8435a66e Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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+import QtQuick 2.0
+Item {
+ width: 320
+ height: 480
+ Text {
+ anchors.centerIn: parent
+ "Arial"
+ font.pixelSize: 16
+ textFormat: Text.RichText
+ text: "<table><tr><td/><td valign=\"top\"><img src=\"data/logo.png\"></td></tr></table>"
+ }