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V4: optimize dominator frontier storage.
Changes the dominator frontier storage from a set of basic-blocks for every basic-block to a BasicBlockSet for every basic-block. This new class stores a maximum of 8 nodes in a vector, and switches to a bit vector when going beyond 8 nodes. This is important in two cases: most basic-blocks have 2-3 nodes in the frontier, and an array is faster than a set in these cases. The few cases where the frontier goes beyond 8 nodes, is when a switch statement is used with lots of cases that all fall-through. On regress-74474-003.js this reduces peak memory usage from 1.68G to 60M. The switch statement in this test results in 27000 basic-blocks. Change-Id: I42646522ba9f8642d42a5d70fc6b760bb47ae69f Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <simon.hausmann@digia.com>
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