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-** Copyright (C) 2016 The Qt Company Ltd.
+** Copyright (C) 2021 The Qt Company Ltd.
** Contact: https://www.qt.io/licensing/
-** This file is part of the QtQuick module of the Qt Toolkit.
+** This file is part of the QtQuick module of the Qt Toolkit.fset
** Commercial License Usage
@@ -1883,7 +1883,23 @@ void QQuickItemPrivate::updateSubFocusItem(QQuickItem *scope, bool focus)
- \section2 Key Handling
+ \section2 Event Handling
+ All Item-based visual types can use \l {Qt Quick Input Handlers}{Input Handlers}
+ to handle incoming input events (subclasses of QInputEvent), such as mouse,
+ touch and key events. This is the preferred declarative way to handle events.
+ An alternative way to handle touch events is to subclass QQuickItem, call
+ setAcceptTouchEvents() in the constructor, and override touchEvent().
+ \l {QEvent::setAccepted()}{Accept} the entire event to stop delivery to
+ items underneath, and to exclusively grab all the event's touch points.
+ Likewise, a QQuickItem subclass can call setAcceptedMouseButtons()
+ to register to receive mouse button events, setAcceptHoverEvents()
+ to receive hover events (mouse movements while no button is pressed),
+ and override the virtual functions mousePressEvent(), mouseMoveEvent(), and
+ mouseReleaseEvent(). Those can also accept the event to prevent further
+ delivery and get an implicit grab at the same time.
Key handling is available to all Item-based visual types via the \l Keys
attached property. The \e Keys attached property provides basic signals
@@ -7301,7 +7317,9 @@ bool QQuickItem::isAncestorOf(const QQuickItem *child) const
If an item does not accept the mouse button for a particular mouse event,
the mouse event will not be delivered to the item and will be delivered
to the next item in the item hierarchy instead.
- */
+ \sa acceptTouchEvents()
Qt::MouseButtons QQuickItem::acceptedMouseButtons() const
Q_D(const QQuickItem);
@@ -7310,7 +7328,13 @@ Qt::MouseButtons QQuickItem::acceptedMouseButtons() const
Sets the mouse buttons accepted by this item to \a buttons.
- */
+ \note In Qt 5, calling setAcceptedMouseButtons() implicitly caused
+ an item to receive touch events as well as mouse events; but it was
+ recommended to call setAcceptTouchEvents() to subscribe for them.
+ In Qt 6, it is necessary to call setAcceptTouchEvents() to continue
+ to receive them.
void QQuickItem::setAcceptedMouseButtons(Qt::MouseButtons buttons)