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@@ -166,16 +166,30 @@ Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(QList<int>)
properties of the proxy object. No binding code is needed because it
is done dynamically using the Qt meta object system.
+ \snippet code/src_script_qjsengine.cpp 5
Use newQMetaObject() to wrap a QMetaObject; this gives you a
"script representation" of a QObject-based class. newQMetaObject()
returns a proxy script object; enum values of the class are available
as properties of the proxy object.
- Constructors exposed to the meta-object system ( using Q_INVOKABLE ) can be
+ Constructors exposed to the meta-object system (using Q_INVOKABLE) can be
called from the script to create a new QObject instance with
- JavaScriptOwnership.
+ JavaScriptOwnership. For example, given the following class definition:
- \snippet code/src_script_qjsengine.cpp 5
+ \snippet code/src_script_qjsengine.cpp 7
+ The \c staticMetaObject for the class can be exposed to JavaScript like so:
+ \snippet code/src_script_qjsengine.cpp 8
+ Instances of the class can then be created in JavaScript:
+ \snippet code/src_script_qjsengine.cpp 9
+ \note Currently only classes using the Q_OBJECT macro are supported; it is
+ not possible to expose the \c staticMetaObject of a Q_GADGET class to
+ JavaScript.
\section2 Dynamic QObject Properties
@@ -537,7 +551,7 @@ QJSValue QJSEngine::newQObject(QObject *object)
When called as a constructor, a new instance of the class will be created.
Only constructors exposed by Q_INVOKABLE will be visible from the script engine.
- \sa newQObject()
+ \sa newQObject(), {QObject Integration}
QJSValue QJSEngine::newQMetaObject(const QMetaObject* metaObject) {
@@ -554,7 +568,7 @@ QJSValue QJSEngine::newQMetaObject(const QMetaObject* metaObject) {
Creates a JavaScript object that wraps the static QMetaObject associated
with class \c{T}.
- \sa newQObject()
+ \sa newQObject(), {QObject Integration}