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+ \section1 OpenGL Texture Files
+ When the default OpenGL \l{Qt Quick Scene Graph}{scene graph} backend is in
+ use, images can also be supplied in compressed texture files. The content
+ must be a simple RGB(A) format 2D texture. Supported compression schemes
+ are only limited by the underlying OpenGL driver and GPU. The following
+ container file formats are supported:
+ \list
+ \li \c PKM (since Qt 5.10)
+ \li \c KTX (since Qt 5.11)
+ \endlist
+ \note Semi-transparent original images require alpha pre-multiplication
+ prior to texture compression in order to be correctly displayed in Qt
+ Quick. This can be done with the following ImageMagick command
+ line:
+ \badcode
+ convert MYORIGIMAGE \( +clone -alpha Extract \) -channel RGB -compose Multiply -composite MYPMIMAGE
+ \endcode
+ \section1 Automatic Detection of File Extension
+ If the \l source URL indicates a non-existing local file or resource, the
+ Image element attempts to auto-detect the file extension. If an existing
+ file can be found by appending any of the supported image file extensions
+ to the \l source URL, then that file will be loaded.
+ If the OpenGL \l{Qt Quick Scene Graph}{scene graph} backend is in use, the
+ file search the attempts the OpenGL texture file extensions first. If the
+ search is unsuccessful, it attempts to search with the file extensions for
+ the \l{QImageReader::supportedImageFormats()}{conventional image file
+ types}. For example:
+ \snippet qml/image-ext.qml ext
+ This functionality facilitates deploying different image asset file types
+ on different target platforms. This can be useful in order to tune
+ application performance and adapt to different graphics hardware.
+ This functionality was introduced in Qt 5.11.
\section1 Performance
By default, locally available images are loaded immediately, and the user interface
@@ -154,7 +196,7 @@ QQuickImagePrivate::QQuickImagePrivate()
size bounded via the \l sourceSize property. This is especially important for content
that is loaded from external sources or provided by the user.
- \sa {Qt Quick Examples - Image Elements}, QQuickImageProvider
+ \sa {Qt Quick Examples - Image Elements}, QQuickImageProvider, QImageReader::setAutoDetectImageFormat()
QQuickImage::QQuickImage(QQuickItem *parent)
@@ -461,7 +503,7 @@ qreal QQuickImage::paintedHeight() const
The URL may be absolute, or relative to the URL of the component.
- \sa QQuickImageProvider
+ \sa QQuickImageProvider {OpenGL Texture Files} {Automatic Detection of File Extension}