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\snippet qml/qtbinding/context-advanced/connections.qml 0
Context properties can be useful for using C++ based data models in a QML view. See the
-\l {quick/modelviews/stringlistmodel}{String ListModel},
-\l {quick/modelviews/objectlistmodel}{Object ListModel} and
-\l {quick/modelviews/abstractitemmodel}{AbstractItemModel} models for
-respective examples on using QStringListModel, QObjectList-based models and QAbstractItemModel
-in QML views.
+following examples:
+ \li \l {Models and Views: String ListModel Example}{String ListModel}
+ \li \l {Models and Views: Object ListModel Example}{Object ListModel}
+ \li \l {Models and Views: AbstractItemModel Example}{AbstractItemModel}
+demonstrating the use of QStringList, \l{QList<QObject*>}-based models and
+QAbstractItemModel in QML views.
Also see the QQmlContext documentation for more information.