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* Split CompiledData::CompilationUnit in twoUlf Hermann2019-05-161-8/+7
* Avoid unnecessary re-generation qml cache files in some circumstancesUlf Hermann2019-02-181-6/+17
* Clean up constant storage for CompiledData::BindingSimon Hausmann2018-07-311-0/+1
* Clean up manual reference of QQmlTypeData and QQmlPropertyCacheSimon Hausmann2018-04-261-1/+1
* Fix group property bindings for aliases that point to id objectsSimon Hausmann2018-03-081-11/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev' into HEADLars Knoll2017-10-221-2/+0
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.9' into 5.10Lars Knoll2017-09-201-2/+0
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| | * Get rid of the root object index variableSimon Hausmann2017-09-081-2/+0
* | | Get rid of IR::Module and IR::FunctionLars Knoll2017-06-301-2/+0
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* | C++11 scoped enum support for QMLMichael Brasser2017-05-031-1/+1
* Fix support for jsTr() and QT_TR_NOOP in list elements when cachingSimon Hausmann2017-04-061-80/+0
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.8' into 5.9Simon Hausmann2017-03-151-1/+3
| * Clean up type dependency hashing for QML cachingSimon Hausmann2017-03-131-1/+3
* | qml: Rename importCache vars to typeNameCacheRobin Burchell2017-01-251-2/+2
* Fix excessive invalidation of QML disk cachesSimon Hausmann2016-10-181-1/+2
* Cleanup: Move ResolvedTypeReference(Map) one scope upSimon Hausmann2016-08-011-6/+6
* Split out creation of alias properties in the property cachesSimon Hausmann2016-07-151-3/+1
* Fix alias resolution algorithmSimon Hausmann2016-07-151-1/+11
* Clean up implicit component registrationSimon Hausmann2016-07-151-0/+2
* Moved import cache and type resolution cache codeSimon Hausmann2016-06-171-2/+2
* Separate QQmlPropertyValidator into a standalone fileSimon Hausmann2016-06-171-28/+0
* Remove remaining dependency of QQmlPropertyValidator on QQmlTypeCompilerSimon Hausmann2016-06-171-6/+10
* Reduce dependency of QQmlPropertyValidator on QQmlTypeCompilerSimon Hausmann2016-06-171-4/+3
* Minor QQmlPropertyValidator/QQmlCustomParser cleanupSimon Hausmann2016-06-171-4/+1
* Convert QQmlPropertyCacheCreator to a templateSimon Hausmann2016-06-161-0/+3
* Remove base-class dependency of QQmlPropertyCacheCreatorSimon Hausmann2016-06-161-5/+2
* Minor QQmlPropertyCacheCreator API cleanupSimon Hausmann2016-06-161-14/+17
* PropertyCacheCreator traversal cleanupSimon Hausmann2016-06-161-1/+6
* Small data structure cleanupSimon Hausmann2016-06-161-11/+11
* Clean up property cache array handlingSimon Hausmann2016-06-161-11/+12
* Clean up property cache creation codeSimon Hausmann2016-06-161-0/+13
* File naming cleanupSimon Hausmann2016-06-151-20/+0
* V4: Change uses of StmtVisitor/ExprVisitor to use new style visitors.Erik Verbruggen2016-06-081-51/+30
* Remove QQmlCompiledData in favor of QV4::CompiledData::CompilationUnitSimon Hausmann2016-06-011-5/+3
* Moved resolved type references over to QV4::CompiledData::CompilationUnitSimon Hausmann2016-05-311-7/+8
* Moved the import cache from QQmlCompiledData to CompilationUnitSimon Hausmann2016-05-311-0/+1
* Move property caches from QQmlCompiledData to QV4::CompiledData::CompilationUnitSimon Hausmann2016-05-311-0/+1
* Remove the custom parser binding bits hash table from QQmlCompiledDataSimon Hausmann2016-05-301-4/+3
* Centralize deferred binding bit information in CompiledData::BindingSimon Hausmann2016-05-301-3/+16
* Small type compilation data structure cleanupSimon Hausmann2016-05-261-9/+5
* Simplify id and alias collectionSimon Hausmann2016-05-261-3/+0
* Optimize named object handlingSimon Hausmann2016-05-261-0/+4
* Simplify object to id-in-context mappingSimon Hausmann2016-05-261-6/+6
* Add a flag to CompiledData::Object record component boundariesSimon Hausmann2016-05-261-6/+0
* Get rid of QQmlVMEMetaDataSimon Hausmann2016-05-241-16/+12
* Use QStringRef to optimize memory allocationAnton Kudryavtsev2016-04-261-1/+5
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7J-P Nurmi2016-03-011-0/+1
| * Properly signal errors when accessing lowercase enum valuesThomas McGuire2016-02-241-0/+1
* | Updated license headersJani Heikkinen2016-01-191-14/+20
* Make QML composite types inherit attached propertiesJ-P Nurmi2015-10-091-0/+2