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* Parser: Accept templated readonly propertiesUlf Hermann2019-05-311-0/+45
* Don't add local for anonymous function's "name"Ulf Hermann2019-05-211-4/+0
* Unify the JavaScript parsing recursion checksUlf Hermann2019-03-154-14/+45
* Save some stack space during code generationUlf Hermann2019-03-142-18/+16
* QML: Don't crash the parser on certain kinds of bad inputUlf Hermann2019-02-181-2/+6
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.12.0' into 5.12Qt Forward Merge Bot2018-12-071-1/+1
| * QML Lexer: Stop scanning template literals on closing '`'v5.12.0-rc2v5.12.0-rc1v5.12.0Ulf Hermann2018-11-191-1/+1
* | JS: Limit expression and statement nesting levelErik Verbruggen2018-11-291-1/+9
* | Fix failing assertion in memory pool allocator in large QML scenesVitaly Fanaskov2018-11-281-6/+8
* | Pass the raw string value to template literalsLars Knoll2018-11-022-4/+20
* | Also store the raw string value for template strings in the lexerLars Knoll2018-11-022-22/+48
* JS: Fix stack buffer overflow in the QML/JS parserLars Knoll2018-10-181-15/+10
* Correctly create methods for functions in object literalsLars Knoll2018-08-313-2/+5
* Fix the class name property of default exported classesSimon Hausmann2018-08-161-0/+8
* Fix the name of anonymous generators and function declarationsSimon Hausmann2018-08-151-5/+12
* Fix usage of const in for declarationsSimon Hausmann2018-08-152-0/+3
* Cleanup RegExpObjectLars Knoll2018-08-152-1/+3
* Simplify ES module body handlingSimon Hausmann2018-08-144-99/+16
* Fix module dependency handlingSimon Hausmann2018-08-143-26/+13
* Fix multi variable module import listsSimon Hausmann2018-08-141-1/+1
* Fix support for default exports in modulesSimon Hausmann2018-08-103-12/+31
* Enable unicode regular expressionsLars Knoll2018-08-102-1/+3
* Add initial basic support for ES6 modulesSimon Hausmann2018-08-092-1/+31
* Fix grammar for ES modulesLars Knoll2018-08-023-5/+7
* Fix typoLars Knoll2018-08-011-4/+4
* Smaller grammar cleanupLars Knoll2018-08-011-16/+2
* Simplify parsing of pragma directivesLars Knoll2018-08-015-96/+12
* Build AST nodes when parsing ES6 modulesSimon Hausmann2018-07-315-1/+891
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.11' into devQt Forward Merge Bot2018-07-162-1/+23
| * Fix conversion of numeric literals in the AST to stringsSimon Hausmann2018-07-132-1/+23
* | Fix naming of classes in class expressionsLars Knoll2018-07-033-1/+46
* | Properly distinguish between class expressions and declarationsLars Knoll2018-06-265-2/+49
* | Fix string memory leak in JavaScript ASTSimon Hausmann2018-06-254-16/+23
* | Fix const expressions containing destructuring patternsLars Knoll2018-06-211-1/+0
* | Fix array destructuring nested in a rest elementLars Knoll2018-06-211-18/+18
* | Fix more issues with destructuringLars Knoll2018-06-212-25/+23
* | Fix handling of elisions in destructuring expressionsLars Knoll2018-06-213-14/+13
* | Fix more test failures for destructuring expressionsLars Knoll2018-06-211-3/+6
* | Correctly set the name of anonymous functions in most casesLars Knoll2018-06-211-0/+6
* | Allow a trailing comma in parameter listsLars Knoll2018-06-211-8/+19
* | The first branch in a ( ? : ) operator can always include the in keywordLars Knoll2018-05-281-1/+1
* | Fix multi line string literals using backquotesLars Knoll2018-05-261-1/+1
* | Unify AST for the different 'for' statementsLars Knoll2018-05-115-46/+5
* | Improve for-in and for-of supportLars Knoll2018-05-112-14/+25
* | Unify ForeachStatement and LocalForeachStatement in the ASTLars Knoll2018-05-115-52/+18
* | Support destructuring inside catch()Lars Knoll2018-05-113-6/+21
* | Add some basic support for for-of loopsLars Knoll2018-05-094-13/+35
* | Add Generator supportLars Knoll2018-05-031-7/+6
* | Cosmetic cleanupLars Knoll2018-05-031-5/+3
* | Fix handling of yield expression in the parserLars Knoll2018-05-031-6/+18