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* Run includemocs in qtdeclarativeThiago Macieira2017-04-263-0/+6
* headers: Add missing override and remove redundant virtualAlexander Volkov2016-12-072-2/+2
* Tooling: Convert connects to Qt5 styleUlf Hermann2016-07-283-29/+28
* QmlDebug: Fixes for QQmlDebugConnectionUlf Hermann2016-07-251-3/+4
* QmlProfiler: Send RangeData and RangeLocation only once per typeUlf Hermann2016-05-272-2/+27
* QmlDebug: Support sending multiple messages per packetUlf Hermann2016-03-111-5/+8
* Updated license headersJani Heikkinen2016-01-1912-168/+240
* QmlDebug: Add some useful methods to QQmlDebugConnectionUlf Hermann2015-11-184-3/+55
* QmlDebug: Move EngineControl client to qmldebugUlf Hermann2015-11-174-0/+315
* QmlDebug: Make profiler client use the right service keyUlf Hermann2015-11-171-1/+2
* QmlDebug: Restructure QPacket and QPacketProtocolUlf Hermann2015-11-176-28/+37
* Move QML profiler client to qmldebugUlf Hermann2015-10-305-3/+601
* Move QQmlDebugClient into separate static libraryUlf Hermann2015-10-306-0/+783