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* Add QQuickTest::qIsPolishScheduled()Mitch Curtis2018-10-311-1/+1
* Give Qt Quick Test its own documentation moduleMitch Curtis2018-01-261-0/+2
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.10' into devLiang Qi2018-01-091-6/+0
| * qtquicktest: remove dead INSTALLS from qmltest.proGatis Paeglis2017-12-061-6/+0
* | Make qml-debug a proper featureUlf Hermann2017-11-081-1/+1
* Add touch event support to qmltestJeremy Katz2016-12-061-1/+1
* QmlTest: replace 'foreach' with 'range for'Anton Kudryavtsev2016-08-111-1/+1
* Don't set QT_QML_DEBUG_NO_WARNING on -no-qml-debugUlf Hermann2016-07-261-1/+1
* consistently put {qt,qml}_{module,plugin} at the end of project filesOswald Buddenhagen2016-02-251-2/+2
* QuickTest: Enable use of BLACKLIST fileCaroline Chao2015-06-151-2/+2
* qmltest: Make sure we inherit all of testlib's MODULE_CONFIGTor Arne Vestbø2015-03-181-2/+2
* Use the correct 'no-widgets' checkGunnar Sletta2014-06-181-1/+1
* ensure that qmltest users have CONFIG+=consoleOswald Buddenhagen2013-12-171-0/+4
* Fix compilation with built-in v4vm JS engineSimon Hausmann2013-04-151-1/+1
* qmltest: Added the possibility to use QApplicationLiang Qi2012-12-311-1/+6
* remove some unnecessary CONFIG additionsOswald Buddenhagen2012-12-161-1/+0
* centralize load(qt_build_config)s in .qmake.confOswald Buddenhagen2012-09-111-2/+0
* Fix the dependencies of QQuickTest.Stephen Kelly2012-08-111-1/+2
* follow rename of qt_module_config.prf to qt_module.prfOswald Buddenhagen2012-08-111-1/+1
* Remove qtquick as a private dependency of qmltest.Stephen Kelly2012-07-231-3/+0
* Add fuzzyCompare() to qmltestCharles Yin2012-07-181-2/+2
* build system cleanupsOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-261-11/+4
* auto-generate module prisOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-261-1/+0
* Make qmltest depend on gui-privateGirish Ramakrishnan2012-06-221-2/+2
* put private Qt dependencies below load(qt_module_config)Oswald Buddenhagen2012-06-071-1/+4
* QmlDebug: Fix qmake warning about declarative_debugKai Koehne2012-04-161-2/+2
* Restore the declarative_debug config for qmltestCharles Yin2012-04-041-2/+2
* Debugger: Disable debugging for qmlprofiler, qmltestKai Koehne2012-03-201-1/+1
* Remove the rest of qtquick 1.0 code from qmltestCharles Yin2012-03-131-2/+1
* Rename QDeclarative symbols to QQuick and QQmlMatthew Vogt2012-02-241-1/+1
* Remove QtQuick1 elements from qtdeclarativeMatthew Vogt2012-02-031-2/+1
* Say hello to QtQuick moduleKent Hansen2011-12-021-1/+1
* Remove Q_WS_*, symbian and maemo code in QtDeclarativeDamian Jansen2011-10-261-10/+0
* make quicktest build and modify to use qwindowMatthew Cattell2011-09-091-1/+1
* Deprecate QDeclarativeDebugHelper classKai Koehne2011-08-261-1/+1
* Merge the QJSEngine and QJSValue development branch into master.Simon Hausmann2011-07-291-1/+1
* Extract all QtQuick 1 elements into a separate library/plugin.Martin Jones2011-07-121-1/+1
* Fix missing include->load conversion of qbase.priMarius Storm-Olsen2011-06-071-1/+1
* Compile.Kim Motoyoshi Kalland2011-05-301-2/+2
* Integrate QtQuickTest into QtCharles Yin2011-05-201-0/+48