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* QQmlMetaType: Erase attached properties in dtorUlf Hermann2019-01-151-0/+39
* Show error message when type qmlRegisterType and friends failErik Verbruggen2018-06-261-9/+5
* Fix loading of composite singletons from resourcesSimon Hausmann2018-05-082-0/+18
* use nullptr consistently (clang-tidy)Shawn Rutledge2018-02-261-1/+1
* Add a means to unregister custom qml typesAndy Shaw2017-12-013-0/+209
* Use QQmlType by valueLars Knoll2017-08-021-52/+52
* Fix QQmlMetaType::prettyTypeName to deal with malformed type namesUlf Hermann2017-03-151-1/+27
* Use QQmlType for looking up enums, even on singletonsUlf Hermann2017-02-082-0/+45
* Updated license headersJani Heikkinen2016-01-201-17/+12
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* Add Composite Types to QQmlTypeAlan Alpert2013-02-185-1/+77
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