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* Fix parsing of js files via Qt.include()Simon Hausmann2018-11-291-1/+1
* JS: Limit expression and statement nesting levelErik Verbruggen2018-11-291-0/+24
* Ensure our builtin constructors are subclassableLars Knoll2018-11-221-0/+43
* JS: Check pattern target to be an lvalueErik Verbruggen2018-11-191-0/+1
* JS: Handle check for dangling jump gracefullyErik Verbruggen2018-11-191-0/+1
* Stop codegen after errorErik Verbruggen2018-11-131-0/+1
* JS: Fix stack buffer overflow in the QML/JS parserLars Knoll2018-10-181-0/+1
* JS: Check if the rhs of an assignment had errors before using itErik Verbruggen2018-10-151-0/+1
* JS: Check lhs of an 'in' expression to be an lvalueErik Verbruggen2018-10-151-0/+1
* Abort parsing on errorLars Knoll2018-10-151-0/+1
* JS: Check expressions inside template literals for validityErik Verbruggen2018-10-121-0/+1
* JS: Check array subscripts for validity when generating codeErik Verbruggen2018-10-111-0/+20
* Optimize access to lexically scoped variablesSimon Hausmann2018-08-291-185/+60
* QHash: use the public functions to set the global hash seedThiago Macieira2017-03-161-7/+3
* Fix move ordering while resolving edges in register allocationErik Verbruggen2017-02-041-0/+92
* Updated license headersJani Heikkinen2016-01-201-17/+12
* Update copyright headersJani Heikkinen2015-02-121-7/+7
* Update license headers and add new licensesJani Heikkinen2014-08-251-19/+11
* V4 RegAlloc: change life-time intervals from closed to half-open.Erik Verbruggen2014-06-131-1/+1
* Clean up our internal namespacesLars Knoll2014-02-231-1/+1
* V4: fix range splitting when split is between intervals.Erik Verbruggen2014-01-171-0/+157