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-** Copyright (C) 2014 Digia Plc
-** All rights reserved.
-** For any questions to Digia, please use the contact form at
-** This file is part of Qt Enterprise Embedded.
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- \keyword BeagleBone Black
- \page qtee-preparing-hardware-beaglebone.html
- \title Preparing BeagleBone Black
- \previouspage qtee-installation-guide.html
- Take the following steps to prepare a
- \l{}{BeagleBone Black} for \B2Q.
- \note It is important that you repeat the steps in this section after you
- update \SDK.
- The images containing the \B2Q stack for BeagleBone Black are included
- in \SDK, ready to be copied to an SD card.
- \section1 Preparing an SD Card
- An SD card of at least 1 GB capacity is sufficient.
- \include detect-sd-card-device-name.qdocinc instructions
- \section1 Installing the \B2Q Image
- \include common.qdocinc wizard
- First, ensure that no partitions on the SD card are mounted:
- \include detect-sd-card-device-name.qdocinc unmount
- Then, use the following command:
- \badcode
- sudo dd bs=4k if=5.6/Boot2Qt/beaglebone/images/b2qt-embedded-qt5-image-beaglebone.img of=/dev/<device_name>
- \endcode
- After the installation is complete, insert the SD card, power on the device and check that
- the \B2Q welcome screen and/or demo appear.
- \section1 Setting up USB Access
- \include b2qt-post-install-setup.qdocinc setting up usb access
- \section1 Configuring a Device Kit in Qt Creator
- \include b2qt-post-install-setup.qdocinc configuring device kit
- You are now ready to start developing for your device. For more information,
- see \l{Building and Running an Example}.