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Doc: Bump version to 5.7.0
...And document the switch to Yocto 2.0 release. Task-number: QTBUG-53889 Change-Id: I2bf3c9b21f050e38b77723f5243a6958199e55e3 Reviewed-by: Samuli Piippo <>
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\page index.html
\nextpage qtee-overview.html
- \title Qt 5.6 for Device Creation
+ \title Qt 5.7 for Device Creation
\e {Qt for Device Creation} is a commercial offering, providing a
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\image build-your-own-stack.png
\B2QL is using the traditional embedded Linux
- kernel built with the Yocto Poky reference system (Yocto 1.8 Fido release).
+ kernel built with the Yocto Poky reference system (Yocto 2.0 Jethro release).
The embedded Linux variant is designed for great customization possibilities.
It contains only components required in the embedded device, resulting in
smaller image sizes while keeping valuable development tools available.