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Doc: Add ChangeLog for Qt Enterprise Embedded 2.1.0
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+ \externalpage
+ \title Enginio Data Storage
+ \externalpage
+ \title Qt Data Visualization
\title Qt Quick Enterprise Controls
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+ \section1 \B2Q 2.1.0
+ \list
+ \li Release date: Apr. 15, 2014
+ \endlist
+ \section2 Changes
+ \b {New Features}:
+ \list
+ \li \l {Qt Data Visualization} version 1.0 was added to the \B2Q stack
+ \li \l {Enginio Data Storage} version 1.0 was added to the \B2Q stack
+ \li \l {Qt Quick Enterprise Controls} was updated to version 1.1
+ \li \l {Qt Serial Port} support was added to the \B2Q stack
+ \li Bluetooth on \B2QL: Support for bluez was added
+ \li Added support for building \B2QL for i.MX53 from sources
+ \endlist
+ \b {Improvements}:
+ \list
+ \li Qt Creator plugin for \B2Q now supports incremental deployment, custom adb commands
+ \li Adb now easily usable over IP on all devices on \B2QL
+ \li Update new content to device without erasing it first on \B2QL
+ \li All images now contain generally used CA certificates
+ \li Toolchains updated to support Qt WebEngine
+ \li Documentation was added for QML types provided by the \l {WiFi Module}
+ \li Emulator: Debug logging functionality was added
+ \li Various documentation improvements
+ \li \SDK installer error handling was improved
+ \li 3rd party license information was updated
+ \li Launcher Settings application UI was improved
+ \endlist
+ \b {Fixed Bugs}:
+ \list
+ \li \B2QL: OpenSSL Heartbleed bug was fixed
+ \li \B2QA: Qt debug symbols were missing
+ \li QEglFSCompositor::render() using incorrect vertices for full-screen quad, resulting in bad texture sampling
+ \li Use damaged rect instead of full texture upload for raster windows
+ \li Emulator: Crash when launching multiple instances
+ \li Emulator: State transitions were not working properly
+ \li \B2QA emulator: C++ debugging was fixed
+ \li Emulators: Qt Quick applications don't exit on Qt.quit()
+ \li Banding was visible on Raspberry Pi
+ \li Qt Creator: adb failed to connect
+ \li QtCreator: Different Virtual Machiness with the same OS were not handled properly
+ \li Qt Creator: Tabstop order in device wizard was incorrect
+ \li Qt 5 Everywhere demo: not all internet radio station were working
+ \endlist
+ \b {Fixed Known Issues}:
+ \list
+ \li Embedded Android: Arabic Numbers Not Always Rendered Correctly
+ \endlist
\section1 \B2Q 2.0.0