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Doc: Fix landing page title
Commit 261e4c6 exposed a problem with the landing page by modifying its HTML filename: Landing page has a different title than what's defined in qtdeviceutilities.qdocconf. Until 261e4c6, the TOC was built corrently because the default index filename (index.html) was correct. Fix the landing page title using the provided macro '\maintitle'. Task-number: QTBUG-71198 Change-Id: I37d219d24e8d0395517f75c230942b3733ce31aa Reviewed-by: Mikko Gronoff <> Reviewed-by: Leena Miettinen <>
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\page qtdeviceutilities-index.html
- \title Qt Device Utilities
+ \maintitle
\brief Provides functionality that is useful for embedded applications.
\section1 Getting Started