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\e {Package Manager}. The \e {Yocto meta layer} package
contains the additional recipes required to make the image
compatible with \B2Q.
- \li Install the dependencies for the Yocto tools, build
- scripts, and the Qt modules. In Ubuntu, the following
+ \li Install the dependencies for the Yocto tools. In Ubuntu, the following
packages are required:
sudo apt-get install gawk wget git-core diffstat unzip p7zip-full texinfo \
@@ -68,7 +67,7 @@
cd <BuildDir>
- <INSTALL_DIR>/5.6/Boot2Qt/sources/b2qt-yocto-meta/b2qt-init-build-env init --device imx6qsabresd
+ <INSTALL_DIR>/5.6/Boot2Qt/sources/meta-b2qt/b2qt-init-build-env init --device imx6qsabresd
\c b2qt-init-build-env has the following additional command line options:
@@ -81,7 +80,7 @@
For all command line options, see:
- <INSTALL_DIR>/5.6/Boot2Qt/sources/b2qt-yocto-meta/b2qt-init-build-env help
+ <INSTALL_DIR>/5.6/Boot2Qt/sources/meta-b2qt/b2qt-init-build-env help
\note Support for Kontron SMARC-sAMX6i requires additional Yocto Board Support Package that is
@@ -142,57 +141,36 @@
Yocto recipes for \B2QL have two main targets to build: The target image,
- and the external toolchain that is used for building the Qt framework and
- applications.
+ and the external toolchain that can be used with Qt Creator for building Qt applications.
- bitbake b2qt-embedded-image
- bitbake meta-toolchain-b2qt-embedded-sdk
+ bitbake b2qt-embedded-qt5-image
+ bitbake meta-toolchain-b2qt-embedded-qt5-sdk
- The target rootfs image is located in the \c <YoctoBuildDir>/tmp/deploy/images/<target>/b2qt-embedded-image-<target>.tar.gz,
- and the new toolchain is in \c <YoctoBuildDir>/tmp/deploy/sdk/b2qt-eglibc-x86_64-meta-toolchain-b2qt-embedded-sdk-<target-architecture>
- \note The generated target image does not yet include Qt libraries,
- you need to build Qt and add it into the image yourself.
- \section1 Building Qt and Addons
- \e {Build scripts} source package contains scripts that can be used to
- build Qt and all additional Qt addons that are part of \B2QL image.
- To setup build environment for your target hardware, run the initialization
- script. For example:
- \badcode
- <INSTALL_DIR>/5.6/Boot2Qt/sources/b2qt-build-scripts/embedded-common/ <INSTALL_DIR>/5.6/Boot2Qt/sources/b2qt-build-scripts/embedded-linux/config.imx6qsabresd
- \endcode
- \note You can use the same build directory for Qt and the Yocto image.
- The toolchain and the target image are then used from the Yocto build directory.
- You can use following scripts to build different parts of the \B2Q stack.
- \badcode
- ./
- ./
- ./
- \endcode
- After \e {} has finished, you can write the updated image to your SD card:
- \badcode
- sudo ./ /dev/<device_name>
- \endcode
+ The target rootfs image is located in the \c <YoctoBuildDir>/tmp/deploy/images/<target>/b2qt-embedded-qt5-image-<target>.img,
+ and the new toolchain is in \c <YoctoBuildDir>/tmp/deploy/sdk/b2qt-x86_64-meta-toolchain-b2qt-embedded-qt5-sdk-<target>.sh
\section1 Configuring Qt Creator
- After you have built the \B2Q stack, you must also set up Qt Creator in order to start
+ Once the toolchain is built, you can install it by running the generated \c .sh script.
+ After you have built and installed the toolchain, you must also set up Qt Creator in order to start
developing for your device. The following script does this for you.
- <INSTALL_DIR>/5.6/Boot2Qt/sources/b2qt-build-scripts/embedded-common/
This will set up a new kit in Qt Creator, using the toolchain and Qt from
- your build directory. The new kit is visible under \b Tools > \b Options
+ the installed toolchain. The new kit is visible under \b Tools > \b Options
> \b {Build & Run} > \b Kits.
+ \section1 Using Toolchain without Qt Creator
+ The toolchain can be also used without Qt Creator. qmake, which can be used
+ directly for building Qt application, is located in \c sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/qmake.
+ To use the toolchain for more generic cross-development, you need to set up the environment by
+ sourcing the environment setup script from the toolchain. For more information, see the Yocto Project
+ \l {}{documentation}.