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Doc: Application replaces demo launcher by default
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- \section1 Launching custom application on boot
+ \section1 Booting your custom application
- To run your own application by default instead of the \B2Q demo launcher you
- have to deploy your custom application to the device.
- For embedded Android you have to do:
- \code
- <SDK_INSTALL_DIR>/targets/android-utils/bin/adb shell ln -sf PATH_TO_YOUR_APP /data/user/b2qt
- \endcode
+ After you have deployed your own application to the device it will be launched instead
+ of the \B2Q demo launcher on boot. To prevent this behavior you have to remove
+ this step from the build steps of your project's run configuration.
- For embedded Linux you have to do:
+ To remove your application from the default startup use the following command:
- <SDK_INSTALL_DIR>/targets/android-utils/bin/adb shell ln -sf PATH_TO_YOUR_APP /usr/bin/b2qt
+ <SDK_INSTALL_DIR>/targets/android-utils/bin/adb shell appcontroller --remove-default