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Doc: Cloning not needed anymore
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After the hardware has been prepared, there is one final step required
to set up the development tools in Qt Creator for your device.
- A separate device \b{Kit} needs to be cloned for each hardware device
- you want to develop for.
+ You have to configure the right device to be used for each \b{Kit}.
To do so, connect your device to your computer via USB and launch
Qt Creator (\B2Q IDE). Then,
\list 1
\li Go to \b{Tools > Options > Build & Run > Kits}
- \li Select one of the predefined Kits starting with \e{Boot2QtSDK...}
+ \li Select one of the predefined Kits starting with \e{Boot2Qt...}
that matches the type of your device.
- \li Click \b{Clone}.
- \li (Optional) Change the name to a shorter one, for example, \e{MyBeagleBoard}.
\li Select the correct device in the \b{Device} combobox.
\li Click \b{Ok}.
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\list 1
\li Open \b{File > New File or Project}, select
\b{Qt Quick 2 Application (Built-in Elements)} and click \b{Next}.
- \li In \b{Kit Selection} dialog, select the kit(s) you cloned for your
+ \li In \b{Kit Selection} dialog, select the kit(s) for your
devices. You can also select the emulator kit to test running the
project in the emulator.
\li Click \b{Next} and finish the wizard.