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\page b2qt-preparing-hardware.html
\title Preparing Hardware
+ \previouspage b2qt-installation-guide.html
Before deploying and testing your Qt application on hardware, the
target device needs to be flashed with an image that contains the
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\target Preparing Nexus 7
\page b2qt-preparing-hardware-nexus-7.html
- \title Preparing Nexus 7 for embedded Android Development
+ \title Preparing Nexus 7 for Embedded Android Development
\previouspage b2qt-installation-guide.html
When using a \l{}{Nexus 7} as a
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\page b2qt-building-and-running.html
\title Building and Running an Example
\previouspage b2qt-installation-guide.html
- \nextpage b2qt-supported-platforms.html
+ \nextpage b2qt-customization.html
Once the installation and configuration steps for the SDK and the
target device(s) are completed, it's time to test the setup.
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- \section1 Booting your custom application
+ \section1 Booting to a Custom Application
After you have deployed your own application to the device it will be launched instead
of the \B2Q demo launcher on boot. To prevent this behavior you have to remove
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\section1 Connectivity Issues
\section2 I cannot connect to my hardware device via USB
- See \l{5 Setting up USB Access to Embedded Devices}.
+ See \l{5. Setting up USB Access to Embedded Devices}.
\section2 adb fails with "error: more than one device and emulator"