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Use prepared sdcard image for i.MX6
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umount /dev/XXX
- \section1 Installing the Android image
- Download the package \e{r13.4.1-nitrogen-20130407.tar.gz} from
- \l{}{i.MX6
- images for branch r13.4-1}. This requires registration.
- Follow the instructions on the Boundary Devices web site to create
- an SD card containing the downloaded image. We recommend choosing
- the "Tar-ball installation" procedure, as it is much
- quicker. However, in case of problems, the "binary image
- installation" procedure is more failsafe.
- In either case, make sure to replace the device path
- (\c{"/dev/sdc"}) with the micro-SD card's device path that
- was found in the previous step.
- \warning \b{Make very sure you select the right device. Selecting the wrong
- one can result in a wiped hard drive.}
\section1 Installing the \B2Q image
- Make sure you have the required tools installed in your development machine:
- \code
- sudo apt-get install u-boot-tools
- \endcode
- Then, upgrade the micro-SD Card with \B2Q:
+ Write the image to the micro-SD card:
- <SDK_INSTALL_DIR>/targets/android-utils/bin/deploy_to_iMX6 /dev/XXX
+ sudo dd if=targets/iMX6/images/sdcard.img of=/dev/XXX bs=1M
\warning \b{Make very sure you select the right device. Selecting the wrong