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Don't give connman user name as a network name
Don't give the network name as all, since it is not required for visible networks. Also adjust the API to remove the user name parameter that was never used (correctly). Task-number: QTBUG-57249 Change-Id: I0eb75db6eebcaa05661a9404b728ab8af831cf1d Reviewed-by: Teemu Holappa <>
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--- a/src/imports/networksettings/plugin.cpp
+++ b/src/imports/networksettings/plugin.cpp
@@ -116,9 +116,9 @@
- \qmlmethod NetworkSettingsManager::userAgent.setUserCredentials(string username, string passphrase)
+ \qmlmethod NetworkSettingsManager::userAgent.setPassphrase(string passphrase)
- Sets the user credentials \a username and \a passphrase for connecting to a Wifi network.
+ Sets the \a passphrase for connecting to a Wifi network.
This method needs to be called in response to receiving a showUserCredentialsInput() signal.
@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@
This signal is emitted when user credentials are required for connecting to a Wifi network.
- \sa userAgent.setUserCredentials()
+ \sa userAgent.setPassphrase()