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Merge commit '64164764fdfe9ed736b7367d573c0daa026b777f' into releaseQtEE_v3.1.0
* commit '64164764fdfe9ed736b7367d573c0daa026b777f': Doc: ChangeLog for 3.1.0 release Doc: Android-specific instructions for Qt Creator Kit setup Doc: Add note about crash message when closing an application Fix #ifdef for Android detection Doc: Bump version to 3.1.0 Doc: Update the Supported Platforms page Doc: Fix path for sabre install doc: add documentation for Toradex Apalis iMX6 Doc: injection to eAndroid reference devices Fix Wifi issues on Android 4.4.2 Don't hardcode interface name in getIPAddress() Doc: Update the list of supported platforms Add plugins.qmltypes for Wi-Fi library Change-Id: I73af0af038f8bf9e5f10387b558c428f7a23461c
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module Qt.labs.wifi
plugin qwifimodule
+typeinfo plugins.qmltypes