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* stable: (90 commits) Doc: Document support services for Yocto recipes doc: minor changes to customization inline code blocks Doc: Clarify which Qt Creator templates work out of the box Doc: Fix missing sudo for i.MX6 embedded Linux deployment Doc: Fixed 32bit package install command for newer ubuntu versions doc: add quide how to use b2qt_build_scripts Doc: Add instructions how to install newer VirtualBox [Wifi] Fix initialization code Doc: Explain about disabling surfaceflinger Enable internet on eAndroid emulator Doc: Add instructions for building Boot2Qt demos Doc: Troubleshooting entry for BeagleBone Black HDMI issues Don't use wifi on Emulator Doc: Document building your own embedded linux stack Update copyright year Doc: Fix the 2.0 release date Doc: ChangeLog: Remove 'black screen after exit' from bugfixes Doc: Use a global Qt documentation template Doc: Add changelog Disable QConnectivity daemon on emulator ... Change-Id: I25ba7e19677c3d91d5e78ab68291296face3c073
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#include "qwifinetwork.h"