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[Wifi] graduate from Qt.labs.wifi 0.1 to B2Qt.Wifi 1.0
- Make wifi library available from c++ 1) included with "#include <B2QtWifi>", available classes are: QWifiDevice, QWifiManager, QWifiConfiguration - Re-design of API: 1) connectedSSID -> currentSSID get current network from this property instead of networks state change events 2) networkStateChanaged(QWifiNetwork *) -> networkStateChanged(NetworkState) Don't expose QWifiNetwork objects to library users, use data model roles instead, no need to pollute API with "read-only" class. The flaws of exposing QWifiNetwork become apparent when looking at C++ API. 3) New BackendState enum for backend state changes events, backendStateChanged(BackendState) Initializing backend can be lengthy operation and can block GUI thread, same is true for DHCP requests, now these operations are moved into a separate thread and backend state change events are delivered asynchronously. 4) Make WifiManager a Singleton, we don't want several instances starting and stopping system processes and it makes global state handling simpler. 5) Rename Interface -> WifiDevice 6!) Introducing QWifiConfiguration. This abstraction allows for easy way to add new features, whatever we choose to support from: The idea for it is to be a Qt-style wrapper for "network {}" configurations from wpa_supplicant.conf. Also this makes life simpler for developers if they know what network they will be using, they can omit scanning, listing, selecting parts and do something like this instead: WifiConfiguration { id: config ssid: "network name" passphrase: "12345678" } if (!WifiManager.connect(config)) print("failed to connect: " + WifiManager.lastError) - Optimizations: 1) Async. event delivery. 2) eLinux: Don't use "ifup", it is slow because it starts dhcp request even before any network has been configured. Use start-stop-daemon and ifconfig directly. - Bug fixes (many), but most importantly: 1) Get backend state properly when WifiManager is created. - Public header cleanup - Other: 1) Added categorized logging. 2) Methods to get/set wifi interface name. Not exposed to qml. - Missing parts that will be added as a separate patch: * [doc] Getting started guide for c++ and qml * [doc] Update for qml docs and new docs for c++. The current docs are out-of-date. Task-number: QTEE-649 Task-number: QTEE-810 Change-Id: I7dc8709aed2de622828a119749aef31534a4296d Reviewed-by: Laszlo Agocs <>
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